A Windy Picnic

Yesterday a group of us braved the overcast and blustery conditions on the Duver for the annual Buddhist picnic.

This year we moved from our tradition location under our now dead oak tree to what must be the only other oak in the reserve.

It’s easy to identify where the new tree is as it is located very close to the end of the old mill causeway. So you can actually walk over from St Helens!

The picnic ended with tidying up and trying to detach our prayer flags from the tree, throwing them up attached to a weighted line had seemed such a good idea when we arrived!


Only One Week To Go Until The Picnic

Just a quick reminder to everyone that it’s just one week until the Annual Isle of Wight Buddhist Picnic on Sunday 4th of September, 12:30 onwards. Family, friends, children and dogs welcome. Bring vegetarian food to share (don’t forget the fruit juices)!

This year we’re back again to the beautiful Duver. The National Trust reserve at St Helens.

As mentioned before we now have a new tree – about 100 m further on from our old tree.

A Great Picnic but Our Tree is Dying………..

Yesterday was a glorious late Summer’s day for the Annual Buddhist Picnic and sixteen of us travelled from all across the island to join up for this special event. It was a great chance to catch up with friends from the other Buddhist groups on the Isle of Wight and find out what they had been up to. The aftermath of one generous charitable act was all too obvious with Angie’s “new haircut”. Last month she “Braved the Shave” to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, as you can see from the photo it’s still quite short!

This was the eighteenth year we’ve held the event so it’s become a bit of a local tradition. Some of us got there early and strung a few prayer flags to let people know where we were.

But as you can see from this shot and the one below we were saddened to see that the small oak tree that marks our picnic spot is in very poor health with only a very few leaves and with most of the branches dead and dried out. One possible explanation is that two years ago the Duver was flooded and as it is a low lying coastal sand spit (forming one side of Bembridge harbour) salt water mixed with the flooding and it is this that has damaged the tree. So that’s the Buddhist bit – impermanence……………

Talking of dying please rest assured that nothing was hurt in the flying of the boomerang below except the egos of those who failed to get it to come back (that was everyone, and it’s another Buddhist lesson – the ego bit).