Zen on Freshwater Bay

Spotted this shared photo a friend posted from “Totland and Freshwater Today”. The scene is Freshwater Bay in the West Wight and is very Zen………………..

23 January 2017

Creating delicately balanced piles of rocks is a wide spread Buddhist practice. Its origins are unclear but it has been a long term tradition within Korean Buddhism and Japanese Zen.

Some scholars have speculated that the piles are lay peoples emulations of stupas but others point out that stacking the stones is incidental, and it is the coordination, balance and concentration needed to control the mind and body that is the intended outcome.


Buddha Day in South Korea

When I posted recently that we had been celebrating the Buddha’s birthday as part of our Wesak event here in the West Wight I also mentioned that it was not the only date that the Buddha’s birth was celebrated.

Today South Korea commemorates Buddha Day preceded earlier in the month by the Lotus Lantern Festival to celebrate Buddha’s coming into the world.