FULL MOON – Awakening

Disciples of the Buddha
are fully awake,
dwelling both day and night 
in contemplation of Reality.

Dhammapada 297

What the Buddha and all his realized disciples awakened to, was the truth that was right in front of them. Like many other millions of seekers, the Buddha-to-be had been looking for the answers to his deep questions in techniques and belief systems. The rigours of renunciation had even driven him near to death; yet none of it had worked. What did work however was renouncing all effort to avoid suffering, either by way of indulgence in pleasure or indulgence in pain, and taking the experience of suffering itself as his teacher. The Four Noble Truths taught by the Buddha are his way of helping us not waste time. He wanted his disciples to awaken to the truth that exists here and now; to discover for themselves the joy and clarity which comes with Right Understanding.

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